Kettlebell Swing

Happy Holidays! BRAND NEW version of the kettlebell swing is now up. Check it out here This was filmed 6 years ago and is a much older version. New and improved swing video is now up. Subscribe to this channel to automatically get the newest videos. Instructions on learning the foundation of kettlebell exercises. Lauren teaches you how to perfect your kettlebell 2 handed swing. Common mistakes are covered.
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  1. Ah, awesome! This is probably the best video I’ve seen explain these. I JUST started trying them today and now I see I was going too low to the ground and doing more of a squat. Things just didn’t *feel* right, so I knew I needed more info, rather then just watching other people. Thanks so much for posting this.

  2. You should hike it back behind you. I will explain it in the new video. My reps and sets are all depending on the workout and size bell I’m using that day. Heavier I go less reps, Lighter more reps. These days I’m more about strength so I use a very heavy bell about 50-80% of my BW and go for 10-15 reps several times throughout my workout.

  3. Thank you! Yes a lot has changed. It still works, but I will be posting the new and improved video today or tomorrow. Thanks again!!

  4. Yes that’s ok, but I highly recommend you invest in a kettlebell. There are many out there now that are very reasonable in price!

  5. Good observation. This is the way we did swings years ago. None of my clients ever had issues, but you are correct, there is a better way to do it now. The new and improved swing video will be posted in the next day or so.

  6. Make sure you are hinging properly and work on the dead lift for awhile. Also practice some high planks and squeeze your gluteus. Put that together and hopefully you will eliminate the back pain.

  7. It all depends on how heavy you are going. Super HEAVY swings you stick to 10 reps. For example when I swing 106 pounds close to my body weight it’s 10 reps. When I swing a 53 pound it’s closer to 15-20 reps. Hope that helps!

  8. Yes they do. My quads are engaged at the top. Don’t confuse this as I don’t hyperextend my knees.

  9. If you do anything wrong you can hurt your back. I work with lots of people overweight and they do a beautiful job and actually reverse any back pain they had.

  10. Sorry for the delay. The breathing patterns are different depending on the style of swing you are going for. I like a very powerful intense swing. The breathing will be a pursed breath of air as you thrust your hips forward, and a nice strong inhale as you throw your hips back. For a relaxed version to last longer you will do the opposite. I rather sprint than run a marathon.

  11. Thank you so much! I will have a new and improved swing video coming out in the next day or so! Really appreciate your kind word!

  12. i’m glad she showed that part. i just bought my kettlebell and i’ve been doing it wrong for a week.

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