Fitness Blender’s Beginner Kettlebell Workout – Kell’s Kettlebells Routine for Total Body Toning

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23 thoughts on “Fitness Blender’s Beginner Kettlebell Workout – Kell’s Kettlebells Routine for Total Body Toning”

  1. This workout kicked my butt….had to pause it a bunch of times. how many times should i do this A WEEK? Is this considered “HIIT”?

  2. I don’t know why I can’t leave a comment on this video, so I just hit the reply button on your comment dominic, hoping FitnessBlender will reply. I would like to know which muscle each exercise works. Is there a way to list the exercises along with the primary muscle worked? Thanks. Keep it going, great videos.

  3. Definitely not a loser! Do what you can, and try to push yourself a little further each time. It’s smart to listen to your body and pushing past that point where it says “NO more” like it means it can easily result in injury or overtraining. If your form starts to suffer, that’s a sign you need to stop. Maybe combine a round of this with some of our videos from our beginner workouts (most of them are deceptively difficult but easier in terms of strain on the body) & eventually work your way up.

  4. Hi Fitness Blender,

    This workout is amazing, but by round 2 double handed swing, I am about to collapse and my legs fell heavy and tired and I physically cant squat!!! Am i doing it wrong or too much too fast?

    Am i a big loser because I cant get past half of round 2 or is other people the same?

  5. This is a PERFECT beginners workout. Thanks for the workout video and great instructional assistance!

  6. This is the first time I have worked out with kettle bells and the first time I have worked out to one of your videos. LOVED both!! I was able to complete this work out. I got in a good sweat, heart rate was up. I will be utilizing your site regularly!!!! I have recommend your videos and site to others.

    In case anyone is interested. I brought a 30lb kettle bell set (5lb, 10lb &15lb) for $25 from a store called Aldi. I also purchased my heart rate monitor watch from there for $25.

  7. I got a kettlebell for christmas (25lbs) and done your fitness blenders everyother day or so mixing in weightlifting days. I hate running so i do your kettlebell circuits on off days. LOVE IT. the way it hits my core instead of running and sit-ups is so dynamic and satisfying. IN SOVIET RUSSIA BELL KETTLE YOU!

  8. Same here! Although I was looking for a kettle bell muscle building video – anyone have recommendations?

  9. Most definitely. You need to listen to your body as it will tell you when you have gone to far. You are probably using too much weight or your form is breaking down as you get tired. Take your time in progressing with this exercise.

  10. This is my 2nd workout to this video. I’m doing every other day with a five pound weight. First day and day after were horrible on my muscles, but I made it completely through this workout. How long do you suggest I keep with the 5 pd weight? And move up to a higher intensity workout?

  11. When do you think someone is ready to go onto more advanced workouts and what routines would you suggest they try next, btw love all your stuff its a great help for me trying to finally shift all the weight I’ve gained in the past year

  12. Fantastic workout for me as a beginner. Thank you. I love that it’s broken down into the 3 sections!

  13. Bought my first set today and worked out with the smallest weight as I have never done this before, OMG, amazing workout, instructions are easy to follow and I love the intro to each one. Only managed to do 2 of the 3 sets but will be back for more. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)

  14. Fantastic workout! You did a great job of simplifying the instructions. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow. :-)

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