12 thoughts on “Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes”

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  2. Thanks, Mike. I have a much better understanding of what the kettlebell swing is suppose to be targeting.

  3. Nice job at showing the proper technique for kettlebell exercises. We at TEAM Smart are all about thinking, eating, and moving smart. You are the featured video today on our page! Go to Facebook and search for: Team Smart (health/wellness) to see it!

  4. This guy is making mistakes while he is trying to show other mistakes.. He isnt rolling on his heels properly, 2 handed swings are ONLY for HEAVY weight, there are 3 levels low, mid and high, not just chest level… not enough pop in the hips… all in all i would say C+

  5. your grip and forearms are the first thing to tire.. that just takes time to build stamina and strength to resist that..

  6. also he isnt rolling on his heels properly, there are 3 basic levels of swing, low medium and high, he claims chest high is the only correct way.. also you are supposed to drive your heels to the ground to generate force in your hips… this man has not learned the PROPER RUSSIAN WAY… his exercises will work, but they are not TRUE…

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